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Democracy on Deadline

Some journalists don’t seem to see any value in their job apart from making a living. Some others however are risking their lives to get their message across.

This film takes a comprehensive look at the second mentioned. The ones who try to deliver the message of justice and freedom of expression. The values which essentially keep a democracy alive.

The featured journalists are working in some of the most dangerous regions where you can be as a journalist. The journey takes us to Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Essentially it is an inspiring fight for journalistic principles, against odds like commercial pressure, censorship, government constraints as well as simply life threatening situations, like war zones.

This is not just an entertaining watch. This film shows in what state the current world is and the state of the freedom of press. It’s worrying, it’s shocking.

Democracy on Deadline is an important reminder of the political value an independent media has in a democratic society.

Read more about the film on Independent Lens


Globalisation and the Media

This is film takes a closer look on the global news coverage. It offers a range of viewpoints about news corporations and biased news reporting.

In particular it examines the Television news coverage during the protests at the IMF and G8 summits. At the protests in Seattle in 1999 the reporting of protest went through a revolution. Protesters tried to break the dependency on mainstream news coverage and they started to make news themselves.

The first independent media centre was born, producing and delivering news of the event through the internet. Ever since this movement is constantly growing and spread to many countries. Today citizen news reporting has become a vivid alternative to the mainstream media.

Beyond that, the film challenges the apparently untouchable power of news corporations. The strength of ‘Globalisation and Media’ is that it includes also the voices of these corporations, which makes it a balanced and solid piece of independent journalism.


Burma VJ

This film gives insight into the state of democracy in Burma. Vividly we are transferred  into the position of journalists who are risking their lives to do their jobs. Freedom of Speech doesn’

t seem to exist in Burma. People tend not to speak about anything political.

Since 1962 the country is under a military regime, which holds a tight grip on its population. After a violent slash down of protest in 1988, fear has been preventing any further dissident.

But in 2007 a new and massive anti-government protest spread over the streets in Burma. This time the Burmese monks are at the forefront.

The Burma VJs are filming the events undercover, risking to be arrested, risking to be never seen again. This film is a true thriller. It is a powerful reminder how important journalism is to help raising public awareness and to hold up human rights.

Watch the whole film here

Find out more about the film on the official Burma VJ website


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