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Newspaper readership

Slideshow – Newspaper Readership from Frederik Subei on Vimeo.

Newspapers are in crisis. The sales of newspapers are in constant decline. Obviously the internet is a very strong rival, offering most of the news for free to the user. However, the decline of newspapers is a well known trend since the 1950s, long before the mainstream discovered the internet.

The decline mainly affects America, western Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. In other parts of the world newspaper sales are even rising.

Despite that, newspapers remain an important source of news also in the UK, especially for getting local news. Over 13 million newspapers are sold in the UK every day. Additionally there are another 70 million local and free newspapers in circulation. Bearing in mind that about 62 million people live in the UK, these are impressive figures.

But the digital revolution seems unstoppable and might swallow the good old paper on its way. Again, it is up to us.

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